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Frédéric Chédin

You can read about me in my Faculty Profile

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Graduate Students

Stella Hartono (Genetics) – 6th year


I have two major professors: Dr. Ian F Korf and Dr. Frederic Chedin. My current project is on CpG Island promoters, Mammalian Genomics, Epigenetics & Gene Expression, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology. You can read more in my student profile.


John Smolka (Biochem, Mol. Cell, & Dev. Biol) – 5th year


Nuclear RNA:DNA hybrid accumulation is a potent instigator of genomic instability. RNA:DNA hybrids are also retroviral intermediates. The molecular pathways governing RNA:DNA hybrid detection, formation, and resolution in the nucleus are ill-defined, making it difficult to understand the contributions of RNA:DNA formation to disease states associated with the aforementioned phenomena. Additionally, RNA:DNA hybrids may serve novel functions in fundamental nuclear processes that are yet to be discovered. Using proteomic screens, I have identified proteins with candidate roles in RNA:DNA hybrid metabolism. I am now in the process of functionally characterizing these proteins and defining the molecular pathways within which they operate.


Maika Malig (Genetics) – 2nd year

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Yoong Wearn Lim (Genetics) – Graduated


I am a Genetics graduate student and my main interests revolve around human genetics and epigenetics, and their relevance to human diseases. My current research focuses on how deregulation of the human epigenome can trigger an autoimmune response. I am interested in combining molecular genetics, genomics, and bioinformatics tools in the course of my research.


Yiwen Zhang (Genetics) – Graduated


Undergraduate Student

Riley Galton (Genetics) – Graduated


Riley grew up in Del Mar, California, and originally became interested in biology because of all the awesome animals she found at the beach. In high school she saw a television show about the cutting edge field of epigenetics and decided to pursue it once she got to UC Davis. When she’s not in the lab, Riley enjoys going to the beach with friends, chilling with her many pets, baking and painting.

Riley is starting her PhD at Caltech in Fall 2015.

Aparna Rajpurkar (Genetics & Comp. Sci) – Graduated


Aparna graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Genetics and Genomics with a minor in Computer Science. She joined the Chedin lab as an undergraduate research assistant where she designed Hidden Markov Model/Genetic Algorithm -based peak caller for the lab’s genome-wide R-loop profile and analyzed the relationship between R-loop and DNA replication, which won her undergraduate research award. She is currently working as a Junior Specialist in the Barlow lab. In her spare time, she like to mess around at codegolf and learning esolangs. Her favorite is DNA-sharp and Fish

Kimberley (Genetics) – Senior


Jenna (Genetics) – Senior


Tom Schwarz (Genetics) – Senior



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